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Why a Point No. 5 Program?

Description: 4944_w_2_c012.jpgIn light of the economy and its collapse, which has begun to affect local, state and the federal budgets, which in turn has affected the Prison Industrial Complex’s  rehabilitation, corrections and Re-entry programs, such as: Self-Improvement, Drug, Education, Vocation and Religious Programs (Re-Entry), etc.

Taking into account the long standing record of the Prison Industrial Complex’s failure to decrease recidivism rates, lack of accountability and responsibility, or the lack thereof- yet receiving astronomical amounts of tax dollars to do the exact opposite- has given rise, idea and a simpler and sincere approach to the exacerbated problem. Increasing punishment and decreasing correction and rehabilitation is criminal in and of itself, and considerably the very recipe to aggravated criminal mentality.

Given the said above, the time is right for a different approach to Prison Reform and Re-Entry, and the Point Number 5 Program is the result of when “preparation” meets “opportunity”.

Point No. 5 and the Nation of Islam

(What the Muslims Want) Point # 5: “We want freedom for all Believers of Islam now held in federal (state) prisons. We want freedom for all Black men and women now under death sentence in innumerable prisons in the North as well as in the South.”

Description: tookie-mlf06-28-2005_1.jpg(What the Muslims Believe) Point # 5: “WE BELIEVE in the resurrection of the dead-- not in physical resurrection-- but in mental resurrection. We believe that the so-called Negroes are most in need of mental resurrection, therefore, they will be resurrected first.”

The Point Number 5 Program is rooted deep within the Nation of Islam 22 Point Program, in which two points are the focal point and central aim and purpose of affecting change within the belly of the beast (prisons).

 Point # 5 of What the Muslims Want, directs our attention toward the freedom (re-entry) of the Inmate population to whom are utilizing the life-giving teachings of the Most Hon Elijah Muhammad as taught by the Hon Minister Louis Farrakhan and his Eight Step Atonement Process.

Point # 5 of What the Muslims Believe, directs our attention toward elevating the minds of those who are lacking in education which is vital to the human family of the planet Earth.

At this present moment and perfect time in prisons throughout America, specifically local and state institutions, a growing concern, issue and question is being raised before prison officials, administrators, and state and federal courts;  “Are the Muslim Inmates and Inmates who are interested in the life-giving teachings of the Most Hon Elijah Muhammad, as taught by the Hon Min Louis Farrakhan, being unconstitutionally denied the free exercise of their right to religion—or choice of religion?”

There’s an echo throughout the country from inmates of different backgrounds, creed, classes, and colors that Prisons are denying Muslims as well as those who are interested in learning about the Nation of Islam the right to congregate, worship, study, fellowship and observe obligatory tenets and holy days.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed in state and federal courts in which Inmates have sought relief from being denied religious material and self-improvement material, in which is vital in the process of Atonement, rehabilitation and re-entry.

Since the Nation of Islam has been adamant in teaching life skills, cultural awareness, spiritual upliftment and man/womanhood preparedness (family values). Those who are being denied in this way have been left without a choice of opportunity to take responsibility, coupled with the absence of an advocate.

Unfortunately, as the Bible states: “Many are called, but few are chosen”.  Born out of an ugly reality, is a beautiful vision that the Point Number 5 Program would like to share with those concerned, with those buried alive, rejected and despised, yet, ready and willing to be redeemed!

 Point No. 5 and the No. 1 Program

(Sponsor an Inmate)

Description: 0111111058.jpgThe Point Number 5 Program’s sole purpose is to educate the inmate population!  With the ever-increasing illiteracy rate among so-called minorities, especially among the incarcerated to whom are looking forward to re-entering an ever-evolving society, Point Number 5 has relentlessly declared a war on ignorance, harsh as it sounds, equally imperative is the uplifting of reading skills and the awareness of current affairs!!!

So, Point Number 5 is asking that family, friends and supporters alike, sponsor an inmate with a three or six month subscription to the Final Call Newspaper, in which provides an Inmate with a well-rounded spectrum of knowledge on a weekly basis as these inmates patiently persevere and endure being denied an opportunity to congregate around the message of Atonement.

Our goal is to successfully reach one thousand inmates (1000 subscriptions). The incarcerated rate to the Final Call Newspaper is $6 for the three month subscription and $12 for the twelve month subscription. We would ask that you contribute $1 with the cost of the selected subscription, in which that one dollar would go to administrative expenses.

We will keep an accurate record of our count and update our website weekly on the progress toward the perspective goal, along with a weekly to our brothers and sisters at the National NOI Prison Reform Ministry.

You can make a contribution via PayPal, or by Money Order or Check. We look forward to reaching one thousand inmates throughout the country- particularly, California at present.

*Note* Point Number 5 encourages our Family and Friends to purchase one subscription for yourself as well.

Point No. 5 Legal Defense Fund and Petition

The Hon Min Louis Farrakhan has constantly and consistently reminded us of the Time and What Must be Done. In that spirit and with that fire to bring about justice under the Constitutional Rights of America for those whom truly want to be redeemed, we ask that you get involved with the struggle to see that Inmates throughout the country litigating lawsuits, seeking release from the hindrance and suppression of discriminatory and unconstitutional prison rules that prohibit NOI Muslims and those interested from practicing and/or studying the Teachings of the Most Hon Elijah Muhammad as taught by the Hon Min Louis Farrakhan.

It is important to know and understand that NOI Inmates and those interested in the Message of Atonement have been struggling to be recognized and have their religious rights acknowledged in the prisons of America as all other religions.

In Pennsylvania’s 3rd CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS  SUTTON v. RASHEED, 323 F.3d (3rd Cir. 2003) in which Inmates were denied the right to religious material, were given relief in order to worship, study, and practice the teachings of the Nation of Islam after being hindered and suppressed.  In MASSACHUSETTS DISTRICT COURT  HUDSON V. DENNEHEY, U.S.D.C. (D. MASS.) CASE NO. 01-cv-12145-RGS; 2008 WL 2856416 N.O.I. Inmates and interested Inmates benefited from litigating the unconstitutional denial of halal meals for Muslims and Inmates seeking to observe religious dietary laws.  

The same unconstitutional application was applied to Inmates in California, in SHAKA MUHAMMAD V. V.D. BRUMFIELD, et al., No. CIV S-08-0785-LKK-CMK. Most recently in HENRY LEONARD V. STATE OF LOUISIANA, whereas prison officials were denying an Inmate access to the Final Call Newspaper, a Court Judge saw the denial of the Final Call Newspaper as unconstitutional.

It is severely unconstitutional that Inmates desiring to undergo the Self-Improvement Study Course and teachings of the Most Hon Elijah Muhammad as taught by the Hon Min Louis Farrakhan would have to experience these strenuous and drawn out litigation processes, given the fact that forty-seven years ago, in the United States Supreme Court in COOPER V. TATE, 378 U.S. 546; 84 S. Ct. 1733; 12 L. Ed 2d 1030; 1964 U.S. LEXIS 832—it was firmly established that the Nation of Islam had constitutional rights under the tenets set forth by the N.O.I…

At present in California in which the above said Legal Defense Fund is relevant, N.O.I. and interested Inmates are being denied adequate and reasonable accommodations to attend regular scheduled services. They are being denied religious material, NOI Ministers as Chaplains, the acknowledgment of Holy Days (Saviours’ Day & Holy Day of Atonement), etc.

A lawsuit has been filed: PEARSON V. STATE OF CALIFORNIA, CASE NO. 3:10-cv-01657-MMA-BLM. In this particular case, Inmates in California are without an Attorney and truly need support family, friends and the Believers. In respect to the lawsuit itself, the Inmates who have filed a lawsuit in which professional representation by an attorney would suffice, given the fact that these Inmates are not lawyers and are challenging the State of California and the largest prison system The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR).

So, we are asking that you contribute whatever Allah (God) puts on your heart to give in aiding and assisting those seeking freedom, justice and equality from within the belly of the beast. The contributions will go directly to any and all legal expenses, most importantly the retaining of an attorney.  You can make your donations via PayPal, Money Order or Check.

Point No. 5 Petition

Description: mailatt[2].jpgThe Point Number 5 Petition is an appeal to the Governor, Secretary/Director of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), the Judge Presiding over CASE NO. 3:10-cv-01657-MMA-BLM, PEARSON V. STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

Along with the Final Call Subscription Drive, Legal Defense Fund and Lawsuit—The Petition would aid an assist those awaiting a favorable ruling of relief in showing and proving that these Inmates who are striving and struggling to do something right, are not alone.  The perspective goal is 1,000 signatures from friends, families and supporters who believe in the Constitutional and God-given Right to Freedom of Religion.

Make Check or Money Order payable to:
Point Number 5 Program
P.O.Box 192
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Contact: Michael Muhammad

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